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Cyberbond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are also known as Super Glues. Due to their extraordinary adhesion profile - one component, solvent free, very fast setting - Cyanoacrylates still today reflect the users needs. Cyberbond is developing its Cyanoacrylates continuously to guarantee best results for industrial users. This means that the products are not only designed for individual applications, but that the storage conditions are also improved. 

Parts bonded with Cyberbond will give the user reliable mechanical strength, good overall strength properties on most non porous materials, sufficient temperature resistant figures, improved elasticity figures, good ageing and climatic properties as well as a resistance against Ozone. Cyanoacrylates polymerise within seconds due to humidity (optimum: 40 to 70 % rel. humidity at 20 to 25 °C). One special item is very important to consider; the PH-value. Is the surface acidic, the setting time slows down. On the other side the set speed increases, when the surface is alcaline. The latter can provoke a shock polymerisation, which results in bad ageing properties. 

Besides viscosity the chemical base is the most important item to differentiate Cyanoacrylates. We distinguish in different Estergroups in which the Ethylester is by far the most important and most popular one. But also other groups like Methyl-, Butyl- and Alkoxyesters do have certain advantages. Secondly the viscosity cannot be ignored. The range varies from liquid like water up to thixotropic gels.  

Cyanoacrylates reach very high adhesion figures on most materials, also on smooth surfaces. This is the reason why the user does not really have to bother about shear- and tensile strength. On the other hand the adhesive layer normally remains brittle. Therefore, you should avoid a peeling load. On the other hand Cyberbond has developed its "xtraflex" line, which does not only give you partly flexible adhesive layers, but also a high temperature resistance (up to 140° C). 

Due to the fact that the increasing automation demands a 100% supervision Cyberbond has developed fluorescent products which can optically be recognised by UV-radiation.  

For a moment Cyanoacrylates seem to be relatively expensive compared to other adhesive systems. But you will quickly realise that by means of Cyanoacrylates enormous savings can be reached. Just this information: depending on viscosity 1 g of Cyanoacrylates contains about 80 drops of adhesive 

Since its introduction, the Frame Fast® Adhesive System has been the standard for screen printers and milling professionals throughout the world. These patented products are designed to bond various types of mesh to wood, aluminium and steel frames. We offer a wide range of Cyanoacrylate adhesives with varying attributes and viscosities. Various accelerators and screen adhesive removers complete the Frame Fast® line of products. Frame Fast® is a trademark of UNCOMMON CONGLOMERATES INC, USA. In 2002 this company was acquired by Cyberbond LLC, USA and was integrated into the world wide operating Cyberbond family. In Europe we certainly continue to use the well known brand name of Frame Fast®.  

From the physiological point of view Cyanoacrylates are harmless; they are also used in the medical to bond skin or to treat wounds. But for these applications special products are required. In any case an industrial application should take place just in well ventilated rooms.